Designer mirrors: 4 prestigious solutions

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Designer mirrors are furnishing accessories suitable for both private homes and accommodation facilities such as hotels, resorts, villas, cruise ships, and beauty salons. And, more generally, the entirecontract sector.

If you are looking to add character to a space, bear in mind that the layout of the room and attention to detail are of the essence. Not only do mirrors serve a practical function, but they also help to create a unique space that is meant to promote overall well-being for you and your guests, and which lends itself to creating custom settings that meet your taste.

Whether you choose a minimalist solution or a more refined one, luxury mirrors have great decorative value and should perfectly match the furnishing style.

But there are also plenty of settings in which high-quality mirrors are an element that deviates from the interior design and architectural style of the room in which they are installed, thus enhancing their uniqueness.

A Seventyonepercent mirror takes center stage in the bathroom, adding a touch of style and elegance as well as a powerful emotional element. In addition to carefully chosen materials and finishes, the reflective properties of mirrored surfaces offer a high degree of design flexibility.

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Seventyonepercent Designer Mirrors: settings

The Seventyonepercent concept combines Italian craftsmanship with designer furniture for the bathrooms of private homes and premium accommodation facilities.

These furnishings, which are made by expert Italian craftsmen, with a special focus on details, offer an eclectic take on luxury bathrooms, which varies according to each setting and to meet all desires for exclusivity. Each piece of bathroom furniture is specifically designed to bring a touch of elegance in order to create an exclusive ambience capable of expressing beauty and harmony.

In private homes, Seventyonepercent mirrors turn the bathroom into an oasis of well-being, an experiential room that will elevate your daily routine to absolute bliss.

When it comes to Seventyonepercent bathroom furniture, mirrors serve a special purpose, which is to welcome guests into a space with a magical and exclusive ambience.

Whether in accommodation facilities such as hotels, resorts and villas or in cruise ships, Seventyonepercent mirrors create a luxurious ambience that is sure to please even the most discerning guests, in settings filled with timeless luxury and sophistication. The location is therefore a special experience in itself so that guests can enjoy a memorable stay.

The sophisticated design, exquisite materials, and the many different hues of Seventyonepercent bathroom furnishings elevate spas and hair and beauty salons to spaces where customers can feel pampered and be the center of attention.

Luxury vanity units with mirror: the range offered by Seventyonepercent

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The Seventyonepercent collections are carefully developed by designers and craftsmen who are able to combine aesthetics, functionality and environmental awareness, in keeping with the brand’s philosophy.

The decision to use environmentally sustainable materials for its furniture and for the frames of its vanity units with mirror, along with meticulous finishes, is what makes Seventyonepercent bathroom furnishings the ideal solution for contemporary and sustainable luxury projects.

The rounded lines and refined geometric shapes have a welcoming effect and enhance bathroom lighting. The gold, bronze and chrome finishes and the use of the finest materials, such as porcelain stoneware and solid wood, are the perfect complement to exclusive interior design projects offering an uncompromisingly sophisticated experience.

Here are the details of the four collections for luxury bathrooms offered by Seventyonepercent:

1. Suite

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The Suite collection by Seventyonepercent consists of rounded, backlit mirrors with a matte gold finish. These mirrors embody the true essence of bathrooms, in which masterful design and solid materials are combined to achieve a balanced and sophisticated effect. The bathroom becomes an elegant space to be shared.


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The Inspiration collection consists of suspended mirrors, which are ceiling mounted and have a chrome-plated stainless steel finish. The rounded, backlit vanity units with mirror come with a double washbasin to share spaces and moments of daily life, creating a cozy and playful atmosphere. This collection, with its premium materials and finishes, changes our perception of the bathroom, turning it into a space dedicated to beauty that offers a truly unique sensory experience when it comes to luxury bathroom furnishings.


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The mirrors in the Thirties collection are rounded in shape and have a backlit frame with a matte gold finish. Their sleek design is complemented by the warmth of wood and the elegance of porcelain stoneware with metal inlays, producing striking contrasts with the curved structure.
Inspired by the iconic styles of the past, while incorporating new trends, this collection strikes a balance between alluring shapes and geometric details, adding a sophisticated touch to bathroom furnishings.


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The mirror in the Globe collection, which is integrated into a polished glass disc shaped with a wave effect, is a visually striking item of furniture.
The light from the mirror shines on the adjacent spaces and plays a starring role, shaping spaces while giving them a new and exclusive dimension.
This mirror, available in bronze or chrome color variants, sparks the imagination with its incredible brilliance.


Seventyonepercent is a brand of Iris Ceramica Group, 100% Made in Italy and specializing in sustainable bathroom furnishings for private homes, luxury hotels, premium accommodation facilities, and the luxury contract sector.

Seventyonepercent mirrors are a prime example of sustainable luxury.

If you would like to customize your space with a luxury, functional and environmentally-friendly design, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Create your experiential bathroom with Seventyonepercent.

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