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"71% is the percentage of the earth covered by water,
the exchange and symbiosis at the base of everything.
The perfect balance."

A contemporary vision of bathroom furnishings that combines sensitivity to the environment with the constant study of design and the selection of materials.
An exciting, contemporary and sustainable bathroom furnishing concept.



A design creation with a striking visual impact. Light takes center stage and radiates into spaces, shaping rooms and giving them a new dimension of exclusivity, refinement and splendor.


This collection is inspired by the past and looks to the future, going so far as to imagine a new way of experiencing the bathroom.


Design and craftsmanship expertise meets the solidity of materials, designing a collection with a focus on symmetry as a reference to an elegance to be experienced together and shared.


A design with light features, suspended in time, which strikes the perfect balance between contrasts that give shape and appeal to the whole composition.



Luxury bathroom furnishings for hotels with Inspiration

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