Luxury bathroom furnishings for hotels with Inspiration

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The design of luxury hotels helps to ensure that guests enjoy a truly memorable stay.

When designing furnishings, many aspects need to be taken into consideration, such as style, functionality and aesthetics, so that travelers will be delighted by an exclusive custom experience.

Interior design plays a key role in creating an ambience that will sweep visitors off their feet and into an exclusive wellness experience.
Specifically, bathroom furnishings in luxury hotels play a key role in the customer experience and enhance the image of an establishment. It is all about creating not only a functional space, but also an ambience that conveys a sense of well-being and relaxation, a peaceful haven that provides respite from hectic everyday life.
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Luxury bathroom furnishings for a sustainable hotel

Over the last few years, environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important issue and a hot topic not only in everyday life, but also in the hospitality industry.
More and more luxury hotels are embracing sustainable solutions and practices, also for bathroom furnishings, so that they can offer their guests an exclusive and environmentally-friendly experience.

Our luxury bathroom furnishings for hotels

Inspiration is a sustainable luxury bathroom furnishing solution for the hotel industry that is specifically designed to meet the expectations of travelers seeking comfort and a top-class experience.

Created by the skilled Italian artisans of Seventyonepercent, Inspiration offers a new way of experiencing the bathroom, which is inspired by the past but designed for the future.

The great attention to detail and to the quality of materials is evident in the choice of the Statuario Light ceramic surface for bathroom countertops and coverings.

A ceramic surface with a glossy effect and lacquered finish, as well as metallic black gold nickel details, adds a sense of exclusivity to spaces, while also being environmentally friendly.

With its sinuous, rounded lines, the console with double washbasin is specially designed for the most demanding travelers who enjoy sharing moments and spaces together, with an added touch of comfort.
With Inspiration, the bathroom becomes a sensory experience in itself that transcends fine materials and finishes in order to offer unique emotions.
Inspiration luxury bathroom furnishings reflect the latest furnishing trends in the high-end hotel industry, which focus on the use of eco-friendly materials and neutral pastel colors.

This sophisticated style, which is in line with the design choices of luxury hotels, allows hotels to offer their guests a unique premium experience, with a special focus on environmental sustainability.

Inspiration enhances any environment, complementing its design.

Seventyonepercent luxury bathroom furnishings for hotels

Seventyonepercent solutions, which are entirely Made in Italy, offer a contemporary approach to bathroom furnishings that combines environmental awareness with ongoing research into design and the choice of sustainable materials.

Seventyonepercent luxury bathroom furnishings are an opportunity for hotels to set themselves apart from the competition while respecting the planet and reducing their impact on the environment.
The choice of natural recyclable materials, such as ceramic surfaces, and a functional design are instrumental in creating a refined and sustainable environment.

If you would like to create a unique and experiential bathroom for your accommodation facility, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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