Luxury bathroom furnishings for the contract sector: 4 collections

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In the luxury contract sector, interior design is key to creating elegantly furnished high-profile settings.

A strict approach is required for luxury commercial establishments and accommodation facilities, which involves much more than just finding interior design that is suitable for the business to be carried out at the facility.

The challenge in creating new spaces for luxury hotels, resorts, private villas and cruise ships is to live up to the expectations of highly discerning customers.
Starting with interior design, through to architecture and furniture, all locations should ensure their guests enjoy a unique experience.

Therefore, design takes center stage by expressing ultimate luxury and sophistication, creating spaces with their own unique style.
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The Seventyonepercent range of sustainable bathroom furnishings

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a luxury establishment.

When designing furnishings, furniture becomes the centerpiece of the room and is meant to transform a space into a place where one can enjoy an exclusive experience.

The bathroom furnishing collections offered by Seventyonepercent are carefully thought out to meet the highest expectations in the contract sector; from an exclusive design to Made in Italy craftsmanship, every single detail is designed to deliver an unrivalled experience.
In addition, Seventyonepercent is a contemporary and sustainable bathroom furnishing concept with an eclectic appeal that is suited to every project and satisfies any desire for luxury.

Choosing eco-friendly materials such as porcelain stoneware, along with meticulous finishing and a special focus on comfort for users, are what make Seventyonepercent bathroom furnishings the ideal solution for luxury projects intended for the contract sector.

Seventyonepercent luxury furnishings for the contract sector

Seventyonepercent offers four bathroom furnishing collections that differ greatly in terms of characteristics and design, thereby meeting various needs when it comes to style and ambience.

Each furnishing item has been meticulously designed to convey the elegance and functionality required by the luxury contract sector while designing highly sophisticated spaces.


With its sinuous shapes in which light plays a central role, Globe has a striking visual appeal, with a modern and sophisticated interplay of reflections.

1. wave-effect, polished glass parabola, with integrated mirror
2. available in bronze or chrome
3. washbasin with matte Calacatta Oro / polished Statuario Light panel with matte brass / chrome stainless steel edge and leather outer perimeter
4. faucets available with a matte gold / matte black nickel finish.


With their sophisticated designInspiration was designed and created in contrasting shades of black and white – these furnishings offer a unique sensory experience. Aesthetics and functionality come together in the double console table, to create highly emotional spaces.

1. top and cladding with polished Statuario Light panel
2. structure with a white lacquered finish
3. metal details and matte black nickel faucets
4. wall-hung mirrors in chrome stainless steel


With its simple lines and exquisite materials, Suite is ideal for spaces requiring classy and romantic touches.

1. vanity unit with Pietra Piasentina Structured panel
2. metal inlays and matte gold finish faucets
3. leather finish around the perimeter of the washbasins
4. details in wood, walnut finish
5. mirror with matte gold finish.


Thirties brings art deco to bathroom furnishings by combining retro style and contemporary design. Bathrooms become exclusive retreats, inspired by the golden age of design.

1. top with matte Calacatta Oro panel, metal inlays and matte gold faucets.
2. metal frame with matte gold finish.
3. solid wood details, walnut finish.
4. mirror with matte gold finish.

Seventyonerpercent bathroom furnishings: a sustainable choice

Seventyonepercent uses high-quality natural materials to furnish spaces that are sure to impress with their exclusive, sophisticated style.

These kinds of furnishings are the perfect choice for sustainable, prestigious spaces, where one can be assured of having selected responsibly produced products made from sustainable materials.
Italian craftsmanship and environmental awareness are an added value for luxury furnishing projects for the contract sector, delivering a consciously designed, high-profile solution.

Embark on a journey to discover the luxury bathroom furnishings designed by Seventyonepercent: contact us for more information.

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