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Luxury furnishings are essential in hotels to create a world-class experience for guests. Materials, furnishings and attention to detail are at the fore when creating a unique, elegant ambiance that places aesthetics and comfort at the center of clients’ perceptions.

Choices in respect of style, colors and design are tailored to meet the expectations of clients who have chosen the luxury hotel for their stay.

Furnishings in the various rooms can offer significant advantages for hotels, guesthouses and resorts.
Firstly, they contribute to differentiating a hotel from the competition.

Secondly, they help create a feeling of well-being and relaxation for new guests, promoting the image of a prestigious venue where customer care and attention are paramount.

Finally, guests are willing to spend more if they know they will be staying in an elegant setting, where nothing is left to chance and the interior design reflects their vision of a luxury hotel.
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Trends in luxury furnishings for hotels

Luxury furnishings in hotels is increasingly important to create a premium experience in hospitality.

Latest trends increasingly cater to guests’ ever-increasing requirements for an exclusive, tailor-made experience.

With regard to luxury hotel furnishings, main trends focus on the use of natural materials, whilst mindful of sustainability. From this point of view, tactile surfaces are a key feature, creating a warm, welcoming ambiance while respecting the environment.
Other current trends relate to bathroom furnishings. Today bathrooms are considered a place of revitalization, a lifestyle experience on a daily basis.
Aspects such as lighting, mirrors and superb quality materials are increasingly sought after by those who, alongside the accommodation, are looking for a unique, unforgettable experience.

When booking a room in a luxury hotel, one of the first considerations for guests is the style and comfort of the bathroom.

Evidently, bathroom furnishings can make the difference compared to the competition, and attention to detail is particularly important to guests. It would be advantageous therefore to take this into consideration.

Bathroom furnishings in luxury hotels

For luxury hotels, bathroom furnishings are therefore a key factor when potential guests are looking for a unique, world-class hospitality experience.

If, in the past, attention was focused on details such as rain showers, whirlpool baths and LED lighting, now guests concentrate on design and the perfect blend of key pieces and materials, in addition to functionality.

When staying in a luxury hotel, well-being is gaged on style and a feeling of exclusivity that is symbolic of the designer’s flair.
It follows that guests prefer warm, welcoming lighting, rather than mirrors illuminated with cool LED lights, mirrors in various styles rather than a vast wall mirror , and large, modern and comfortable wash basins with a unique design to hydromassage baths.

How to meet the current tastes and specific requirements of the most discerning guests?

Luxury hotel furnishings | Seventyonepercent bathrooms

Seventyonepercent is a brand specializing in luxury furnishings for hotels, specifically focusing on bathroom furnishings.

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, with exchange and symbiosis at the heart of everything.

It is from this that the brand developed its concept: a contemporary vision of the bathroom which combines superb quality materials with respect for the environment and continuous design research.

An exciting, contemporary and sustainable concept for bathroom furnishings.

Every detail stems from the approach that the bathroom is transformed into a place of revitalization and care, for discerning guests seeking a truly luxurious experience.
We therefore developed four bathroom furnishing solutions: Globe, Inspiration, Suite and Thirties, which reflect our luxury bathroom concept according to the brand.

A combination of exclusivity, Made in Italy craftsmanship, iconic impact and various materials, from these concepts the brand has created furnishings for luxury hotel bathrooms, entirely focused on guests’ well-being and expectations.

To recreate a unique, incomparable bathroom ambiance and attract new guests to your hotel, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on Seventyonepercent products.

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