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Some of the distinctive qualities of luxury bathroom furniture for spas and beauty salons include:

- Fine materials
- An exclusive design
- A sophisticated style.

All these elements, as well as many others, should be considered when creating a luxury setting that welcomes customers.

It should have a relaxing and calming ambience in order to offer a memorable experience that can be talked about and repeated over and over again.
Nowadays, designers are required to design furniture to be included in all product ranges, without necessarily using fine materials.

But there are also pieces of furniture that have a distinctive style, but are not suited to a spa or an exclusive beauty salon.

Furnishings can only be regarded as specifically designed for the premium hospitality industry when they have all the qualities mentioned above, turning the salon into a unique and exclusive place where customers can feel pampered and will be the focus of attention.
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SPA and beauty salon furnishings | Bathrooms

Water plays a major role in wellness centers. Everything is about this natural element, be it washbasins, sensory showers, whirlpools or saunas.

Therefore, bathrooms and their furnishings play a key role both in spas and beauty salons, becoming a distinctive feature of the establishment and ultimately contributing to a business’s success or failure.
Besides aesthetics, which we have touched upon already, it is also important for the professionals who work in the establishment to look at functionality and practicality.
Washbasins need to be spacious and mirrors large, while materials must be resistant to water, chemicals, shocks, and durable at the same time.

In addition, when aiming to create an exclusive ambience, attention to detail is of paramount importance. Modern customers are more and more demanding and when they decide to relax in premium spas, they expect such facilities to live up to their expectations.

Whether customers decide to book a treatment in a spa or wellness center is usually a matter of what kind of services are offered, including exclusive and sophisticated furnishings.

Furnishings for spas and beauty salons | Details

We often think that customers look at the big picture instead of focusing on details. Or we underestimate their ability to tell whether a piece of furniture is of high quality or not. But we couldn’t be more wrong.

Anyone who decides to spend some of their valuable time in a wellness center will want to be able to relax and let their worries drift away.

But this does not mean that they do not pay attention to detail, especially if the treatment is expensive.

That is why a wellness center with designer furniture, an iconic style and high-quality materials will instantly capture the interest of guests seeking a premium experience, who will feel satisfied with an ambience that matches their tastes and preferences.
Being surrounded by designer furniture and objects, fine materials and large mirrors will make customers feel instantly satisfied, since it reflects their taste and the expectations they had when they decided to book a treatment there.

In fact, this kind of high-end furniture, which is designed to furnish spas and beauty salons, is inspired by new trends, with a special focus on design and attention to detail.

Furnishings for spas and beauty salons | The Seventyonepercent offering

Seventyonepercent is a brand specializing in luxury bathroom furniture for spas and beauty salons.

The brand concept is based on a groundbreaking idea, which is to apply excellent Italian craftsmanship to designer furniture for bathrooms intended for premium businesses and establishments.

The Seventyonepercent bathroom becomes an experience in itself, in which furniture, mirrors and washbasins welcome guests who are immersed in a magical and exclusive ambience.

By combining materials of the finest quality, an iconic style inspired by magnificent styles from the past and the masterful workmanship of Italian craftsmen, Seventyonepercent has come up with four beautiful furnishing solutions for the most exclusive wellness centers, spas and beauty salons.
Take a look at our luxury bathroom furnishings here:


Seventyonepercent is a brand founded by Iris Ceramica Group, which pools the extensive experience of the group in devising cutting-edge technical ceramic solutions and builds on this experience by focusing especially on bathrooms.

The intuitive insight that the demand for premium and exclusive experiences in the beauty industry would go on to become a real trend is what inspired the design of a bathroom with unique and iconic furnishings.

Whether you are designing a new spa for your exclusive wellness center or need to revamp your beauty salon, make sure to surprise your guests with sophisticated luxury bathroom furnishings.

Allow yourself to be inspired by our furnishing solutions.
Invite your customers to enjoy a unique immersive experience.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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